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Cadmium Testing for RoHS Compliance

Regulation of Cadmium

In 1941 the US (American Standards Association) began regulating Cadmium. Other industrialized nations followed, and currently Cadmium use is highly restricted the world over. Cadmium testing has now become essential for manufacturing businesses. Restrictions have ranged from Sweden's tough 10 ug/m(3) for all new workplaces and an outright ban for non-essential uses, to OSHA's TWA PEL of 200 ug/m(3) for cadmium dust. Currently, RoHS allows trace levels, at .01%, or 100ppm, in homogenous materials.

What risks could I face if I do not implement Cadmium Testing?

It is generally accepted that overexposure to cadmium can result in cancer, lung damage, proteinuria, and and kidney dysfunction.
The RoHS guidelines are unclear about the levels of "proof" needed, and are relying on a policy of "self-declaration". If your product does not pass muster, it would be pulled from the market.

I already use Cadmium Testing for my products.

Do you import Subassemblies from countries not covered by regulation? Raw Materials? If so, you will definitely need to employ random testing to ensure compliance for your end product.

Aren't there easy ways to do Cadmium Testing?

Yes, there are other methods. However laboratory testing, with documented results from an independent lab, are the most reliable and effective way to provide you with a paper trail to use as proof of compliance with regulations. XRF technology, used in our labs, may detect traces that a more simple test will not, and is cheap insurance against lawsuits by your end users or exporters.

Where can I obtain RoHS services?

Electri-Lab Screening Services is offering its state-of-the-art XRF (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy) screening lab & certified technical staff to companies needing technical expertise with RoHS compliance (7/1/2006). Our RoHS screening services are thorough, affordable and available to anyone needing time sensitive RoHS compliance testing.

RoHS restrictions we sample include: Cadmium, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyl (PBB) & Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether. (PBDE)

Screening Process: Samples are screened for elemental and structural composition using the latest XRF technology process. Registered readings for each screened element are compared to RoHS compliance tolerances and confidential results reported to you in a detailed results document.

Sample Submission: Samples should be at the raw material stage for best screening results. Call us with your specific RoHS sample screening requests and we will advise you of what we need to accurately screen your sample. Samples should have a uniform composition, examples are: solders, coatings, resins, or plating materials used in the manufacture of parts or components.

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